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"The House on Christmas Street"

2017 Charity Tour

A Personal Message from Judy:

Dear Friend,

I embarked on the first “The House on Christmas Street” tour in 2010, not knowing what the heck to expect. Boy, what an adventure! I traveled the land to perform at the houses of Christmas decorating enthusiasts who used my song in their animated displays, and everywhere I was hosted by wonderful people and met wonderful people and basically had the time of my life. Since then I've done some version of the tour every year...with large tours again in 2012 and 2014, and smaller tours in 2011, 2013 and 2016. During that time I have been so touched and impressed by the generosity of the people who have attended these community concerts, bringing thousands of dollars in cash donations and goods to help charities all over the country and in England and Canada, too.

When I planned the first tour I decided not to charge the hosts a fee for having me perform. I know that decorating is an expensive hobby and most of the people involved do it out of the kindness of their hearts, just to make memories for the families in their communities. So I came up with a tour model that works like this:

I ask the tour hosts to do three things. 1. Collect for a charity. 2. Publicize their concert (I supply press releases, posters and pictures) and 3. Provide me with modest lodging in a hotel, motel, or b&b. As long as it is clean and bug-free, I'm good. Doesn't have to be fancy.

So how do I handle the tour expenses such as gas, food, oil changes and lodging for the nights that I don’t have a concert? First, I look for paying shows at schools and libraries along the way. But I also count on the support of sponsors, and so far, by the grace of God, each year that I’ve done a large tour I received enough sponsorships and shows to cover my expenses. On the shorter tour years I’ve just covered the expenses myself. This year I am heading out on November 30 and going coast to coast to sing, meet wonderful people and raise money for food pantries, children's charities, a volunteer fire department, a Special Olympics team and more. I won’t get back home until Christmas Eve. And I need financial help.

Once again I am appealing to you, my friends and fans, to help me by sponsoring the tour. There is also a business sponsorship opportunity if you would like some publicity for your business.

Your support will make it happen, and I can’t do it without you. Thank you so much for helping however you can. And of course, prayers are always needed and appreciated! THANK YOU!

Judy Pancoast

PS … please keep up with me on my tour blog … sometimes I'm falling asleep at the computer when I update it, so it could get interesting!

Here's what you'll get for your donations

$10You'll be helping Judy pay the tolls!

You’ll receive a personal postcard from Judy sent from somewhere on her tour!

$25That fills up the Sienna’s gas tank more than a third of the way!

You’ll receive a personal postcard from Judy sent from somewhere on her tour AND your name will be on Judy’s website list of sponsors AND Judy will send you an autographed tour poster!

$50That gas tank’s almost halfway filled!

All of the previous "thank you" gifts PLUS you’ll get an autographed "The House on Christmas Street" CD

$75—That buys a lot of Wendy’s chili!

You’ll get all of the above plus an autographed copy of Judy’s Grammy nominated CD, “Weird Things are Everywhere!”

$100WOW! You’ve just filled Judy’s tank and bought her a couple of meals!  Thanks!

You’ll get all of the above plus Judy will post a video on YouTube thanking you personally for donating to the tour!

$200—Judy’s rolling on down the highway!

You get all the previous rewards PLUS One dozen of Emma Pancoast's world famous melt-in-your-mouth soft peanut butter cookies (Believe me, they are worth $100!) and one dozen of Judy's sort-of-famous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! (These will be delivered in January)

$300Your generosity is amazing.  Judy can travel more than halfway across the country AND get an oil change thanks to you!

You get all the previous rewards PLUS Judy will write a song for you and post it on YouTube! (please give her a couple of months post-tour to accomplish this)


WOW!! Judy can travel miles and miles and make a lot of kids happy and help a lot of charities because of YOU!

All of the previous rewards plus your business name or logo will be on a magnetic tour sign on the side of Judy’s world-famous 2004 Sienna as she travels the land AND it will also be on a banner at each concert!! AND JUDY WILL WRITE A JINGLE FOR YOUR BUSINESS!


Thank you!




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