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Quote from Dartmouth College

artmouth College, Hopkins Center, Outreach & Arts Education Coordinator, Monique Peaslee quotes:

"All of Judy's songs were upbeat and many of them carried important messages such as, diversity (we may look or speak differently but we all have a heart), reading, being yourself.

"For Judy's song Monkey Girl she invited a young lady from the audience to volunteer to dance with her dancers and act like a monkey when Judy gave her the cue.This was absolutely adorable, the little girl had no fear and she danced her heart out. It was fantastic.

During Take Me to Your Reader, Judy talked about how some people may look or speak or walk differently, etc. To illustrate her point she had one of the dancers come out dressed as an alien, with a full mask and a long purple robe.

At the end of the show Judy signed photos of her group and gave them to the kids. A mom asked me if her daughter could meet the alien. I said to the little girl that the alien had gone back to her planet...she looked so disappointed, her mother said that her daughter wanted to give the alien a kiss.

It was a great morning. The audience had a great time!"

Monique Peaslee
Outreach & Arts Education Coordinator
Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College

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