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The Groovy Dudes

The Groovy Dudes are Judy's brand new back-up band which will be appearing with her at her larger outdoor, theatre and performing arts center shows.  Five excellent musicians add fun and excitement and a groovy new dimension to Judy's already spectacular live concerts.

Meet The Groovy Dudes
Tim Maxwell - Drums

Hey! My names Tim Maxwell and I am a junior music student at the University of New Hampshire studying music education. I’ve played drums and percussion since the 4th grade and love playing all different kinds of shows. I’m really excited to be playing for Judy and expose our music to children and hopefully inspire some other kids to start playing and writing their own music!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Cartoon Character Who is Most Like You: Patrick from spongebob cus i like lazing around and having fun with my friends
Favorite Children's Book: McElligot's Pool by Dr, Seuss.
Bob West - Guitar

My name is Bob and I got my first guitar when I was in the eighth grade and started taking lessons at school. I began playing professionally as a teenager and recorded my first record with a country band in Boston in the eighties. I've also played bass guitar and drums in several bands doing music of the 50's, country, jazz, caribbean and rock. This is my first time playing music for children, and I'm looking forward to joining Judy on many musical adventures!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Favorite Children's Book: Dr Seuss "The Cat in the Hat"
Mary Gatterman - Keyboards

Hi..I'm Mary! I'm studying to be a music teacher at the University of New Hampshire. I love to play the piano and sing, my favorite color is green and my favorite fruit is strawberry. I love to watch movies and some of my favorites are the Spiderman movies and Iron Man. I can't wait to meet you at our concerts!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Phish Food by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Cartoon Character Who is Most Like You:
Snow White. Why? Maxx & Tim can back me up on this when I say I love little furry animals (they are my weakness). Waking up gently to music is my thaang (I like to wake up in a good mood, I usually wake up to Beatles music, or Fleet Foxes). I love being outdoors/frolicking in fields of flowers and singing to my beloved pets... and I'm usually the one who usually cleans up after my family.
Favorite Children's Book:
Dr Seuss anything and everything by Dr. Seuss
Max Arbuckle - Bass

Max is a student at the University of New Hampshire studying Music Liberal Arts. He plays bass in the band and makes sure Tim doesn't get out of line. He’s been performing music for almost 10 years, and is hoping to continue on for many more. Max enjoys writing and performing music. He has a ball performing with the Groovy Dudes, and in his spare time he enjoys things like books and ice cream. He hopes to see you at a performance someday, and hopes the music can make you smile!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Chocolate! Can't beat the classics.
Cartoon Character Who is Most Like You: Finn from Adventure Time. He has amazing outbursts, is skilled at multiple forms of combat, and is bad at math.
Favorite Children's Book: My favorite children's book, always has been, and always will be: Where The Wild Things Are. (That answer is probably becoming cliche'd because of the movie release, but I still have and display my copy I was given when I was a baby. I bring it to school with me even.)
Mat Huxel - Saxophone

Mathew was introduced to the world of music at a very young age, when his parents enrolled him in a musically themed preschool. He eventually learned to play the flute and saxophone, and developed a love for signing. Getting accepted into the music program at Hofstra University was one of Mathew's crowning moments. His influences include classic rock from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and soul and funk music from artists such as "Tower of Power" and "Stevie Wonder." Mathew is currently the leader of a Hofstra based funk band he started with his friends titled "Soul What!" and plays about three performances each semester. Mathew hopes to continue playing music in front of live audiences for the rest of his life.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Oreo cookie and Peanut butter!
Cartoon Character Who is Most Like You: Charlie Brown, because I can never kick a football either!
Favorite Children's Book: "So Hungry!"




Groovy Dudes Performance Dates... Here are some of concerts where you can see the Groovy Dudes performing with Judy. (see Judy's Calendar for show times)

June 29: Nextdoor Theatre, Winchester, MA

July 8: Manchester, NH

August 10: Bedford, NH

August 14th: Waltham, MA

August 16th:  Hampton Beach, NH Children's Festival

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