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"Are We There Yet?" - Lyrics

Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

If everybody lived in a perfect world
There’d be something special for each boy and girl;
A little something you could keep in your pocket;
Or in your shoe or on a chain in a locket
A little cheerleader just for you
To cheer you on in everything you do.
Say, “That was great,” or “You’ll do better next time.”
And dance and sing with your own special rhyme singing

Hey, you! You’re really great!
You’re the kind of kid we appreciate
You got brains, style, talent, too,
Hey kiddo, here’s a cheer for you!

“Here we are the kid pop crew, we are cheering just for you!
Come on, now, think positive!
Give it all you’ve got to give!

Imagine you’re a cheerleader of your own
Cranking out those cheers for yourself alone.
A little voice inside that keeps you going,
That keeps the confidence in your heart growing.
Be a little cheerleader just for you!
Cheer yourself on in everything you do.
Say, “That was great,” or “I’ll do better next time.”
And dance and sing with your own special rhyme singing


“Keep on trying, never stop, soon you’ll make it to the top!
Don’t you worry ‘bout the rest
You just gotta do your best!


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

On the day she was born she reached up for her Mama;
You should have seen their faces when she climbed right up on her;
To the top of the monkey bars when she was just three,
Everybody said she was a chimpanzee!

She’s a monkey girl
She’s a monkey girl
She likes to swing from the trees and travel all over the world.
She’s a monkey girl
She’s a monkey girl
Come on and do the monkey boogie just like the little monkey girl.

She’s got real strong legs, she can climb like an ape can
And real strong arms she can swing just like Tarzan,
But the thing I like best is her dance, it’s so funky!
She jumps up and down and makes a sound like a monkey!


Well, I had to find out if it could really be true
If a girl could be a girl and a monkey too
She was hanging upside down and do you know what?
I saw her furry little monkey…Whooo!


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 1997

My little sister wakes up crying in the night
My Mama knows just what to do to make it right.
She takes her to the rocking chair and says, “Don’t cry.”
Then she sings a lullaby
And the baby rocks, oh the baby rocks,
La la la la, la la la, la la la
Oh the baby rocks, oh the baby rocks,
She’s singing while the baby rocks.

I know this fella, he’s a rock n’ roll star
They come from miles around to hear him play guitar.
His girlfriend likes to go to every show
To see her baby rock and roll
And her baby rocks, oh her baby rocks.
La la la la, la la la, la la la
Oh her baby rocks, oh her baby rocks,
She’s dancing while her baby rocks.

I’ve got a rock collection you oughta see,
I’ve been collecting them since I was only three;
The biggest one I call the Daddy Of Them All,
But some of them are really small;
They’re the baby rocks, they’re the baby rocks,
La la la la, la la la, la la la;
They’re the baby rocks, they’re the baby rocks,
I like to call them baby rocks,
And she’s dancing while her baby rocks,
And Mama’s singing while the baby rocks.

Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

It was raining in the morning when we pulled up to the awning
Of the Good Times Goose Bumps Motel;
When we got inside there was no place to hide
From the monsters that had come up from……
“Hello!” they said, “We are dead but we party like we’re still full of life.
Even Miss Scarlet’s here, that CLUE-less dear,
Colonel Mustard got her in the lounge with the knife!”

They said, “Oooooooooooh”
They said, “Eeeeeeeeeeeee!”
They said, “Ohhhhhh, Ohhhh,
No, No, No, No, No!
Double-dare you spend the night at the
Good Times Goose Bumps Motel”

We said, “We’ll see you later,” made it to the elevator
Just in time to close that dusty door;
We were so surprised to find we had arrived
On the long-forgotten thirteenth floor…
A big, bad band was there, we felt so square
With the ghoulies who were down with the jive,
That’s when we really knew that it was truly true
Here they party like they’re still alive


First you swing and sway and wipe the webs away
And then you spin your head completely around;
You walk like Frankenstein,
That’s when you lose your mind
And let out an ear-piercing howl!

Well, that band just kept on playing and we knew that we’d be staying
Maybe more than just eternity
Because we had the strange sensation that our one-night reservation
Was extended to infinity.
Come on down with us, grab a Wolf-Hound bus,
It’s really just a very short drive;
But leave behind your blues and bring your dancing shoes
‘Cause here we party like we’re still alive”


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

You’re a kite, you’re bird, you’re a yellow balloon
You’ve got everything going on;
You can fly, you can soar, you can glide to the moon!
No one can bring you down

Just don’t listen to the mean people,
Don’t let ‘em make you cry;
Don’t listen to the mean people’
Turn your back and say goodbye….
If you let them put you down they’ll turn your smile into a frown,
And I love to see you smile!
So don’t listen to the mean people,
Just walk away

Now I once knew a girl who was teased all the year
Other kids made her cry;
So she sang her own song ‘til that’s all she could hear
And she turned out just fine


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 1997

Mama can you bring me a glass of water?
I know I should be sleeping, you say that I oughta;
You say it’s past my bedtime and I shouldn’t stall,
But I’m not tired at all.

And just like the bunny in GOODNIGHT, MOON
I said “goodnight” to my whole room.
My stuffed animals, I’ve kissed every one,
But I’m not nearly done, so


In BEDTIME FOR FRANCIS she got to eat cake,
Please can I have some? I’ll help you bake.
Read one more story, sing one lullaby
So I can close my eyes.


I tried counting sheep but that was a mistake
‘Cause the sheep are asleep but I’m still awake?


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

I’m doing the potty dance
Doing the potty dance
If I don’t get to a bathroom soon
I’m gonna have to change my pants!

I drank a lot of milk,
I drank a lot of water,
I didn’t go before
But now I really gotta!


Teacher don’t be mad,
I couldn’t pay attention
I gotta go real bad,
It’s accident prevention, that’s why


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 1997

When I was a kid, I was very good,
And I always did all the things I should,
Oh but there’s a lot of rules when you are a kid,
And once in awhile I broke one, I did,

But I always ate my vegetables, and I never ate candy (NOT!)
And when there was a job to do I was always handy (NOT!)
And I never asked for anything when they took me to the store (NOT!)
And when Mom fed me spinach I always asked for more (NOT!)
I was a perfect kid.

Now I’m all grown up and I’ve got kids of my own;
I’m raising them up the way that I have known;
I teach them to use manners and cooperation…
All those kid rules and regulations.

And they always eat their vegetables, and they never eat candy (NOT!)
And when there is a job to do they are always handy (NOT!)
And they never ask for anything when I take them to the store (NOT!)
And when I feed them Brussels sprouts they always ask for more (NOT!)
They are the perfect kids!

Now you children here, are you very good?
You’re such little dears, do you do the things you should?
Oh but being perfect’s hard, just ask me, I should know!
Once in a while you gotta let go!

But you always eat your vegetables, and you never eat candy (NOT!)
And when there is a job to do you are always handy (NOT!)
And you never ask for anything when they take you to the store (NOT!)
And when they feed you pea soup you always ask for more (NOT!)
You are the perfect kids;
Well I think you’re perfect kids!

Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

Bobby was the king of the playground….he thought that he was It;
Everybody had to do what he wanted, or Bobby would have a fit.
One day a new kid moved to town who didn’t follow Bobby’s rules;
When Bobby tried to put him down, he just said , “You think you’re so cool?”

Well you ain’t the only bug at the rodeo…
You ain’t the only superstar in the show;
It takes a lot of stars to make the sky shine bright;
You wouldn’t want a Christmas tree with only one light.
Okay, it’s true, it’s good to be you’
But you ain’t the only clown at the zoo

Now Suzy was an excellent dancer, the problem was her attitude;
She could be downright nasty—she could be downright rude;
If somebody told her she was really good she’d smile and say , “I know!”
She didn’t treat people the way she should, so nobody came to her show


Now it’s good to have a bunch of self esteem, it’s good to hold your head up high’
And it’s good to stand up for yourself, just don’t be standing on the other guy
Nobody likes you if you’re all stuck up, think you’re better than everyone else;
If you go around acting like you’re top pup, you might hear this yourself


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
‘Cause it seems like we’ve been driving all day long
And I got nothing else to do so I’m just gonna sing my song,
I’m just gonna sing my song.

Going on vacation, buckled in the back seat;
Got great expectations, this is gonna be neat.
Got my books and crayons, got my favorite tapes.
I am so excited I just can’t wait


Tired of drawing pictures, bugged my baby brother
,,,,my older sister, got yelled at by my mother.
Papa says the traffic’s backed up to Timbuktu,
Well, Papa, you should have stayed on Timbuk-ONE!


We’ve been planning this vacation since the end of December
But I feel like I’ve been in this car since September;
I look out the window, see the other cars pass
So I say, “C’mon Daddy, give it some gas.”
But Daddy’s not saying that much you know
He gave up talking ten miles ago.
I gotta use the bathroom, I’m in a bad mood,
Can’t we please stop and get some food?
If I’d known I’d go crazy while taking this trip
I’d have begged to take a plane or a rocket ship!

Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

There’s nothing like a dog on which you can depend,
A dog is always there to be your loyal friend;
A dog will want to hear about your rotten day,
And when you’re feeling better she’ll always want to play.
There’s nothing like a dog, nothing like a dog!
But if you can’t have a dog there’s always a hamster;
If you have an allergy a hamster’s the answer.
He stays up all night, keeping you awake
Running in his wheel and planning his escape;
And when he’s finally free he’ll hide in the couch;
Sit down to watch TV, little hamster teeth go, “Ouch!”

But there’s nothing like a dog when you are feeling down;
When no one has the time, your dog’s always around;
At night when you are sleepy, he’ll climb up on your bed
And you can fall a-sleepy scratching on his head…
But if you can’t have a dog, you might have a reptile;
A lizard or a gecko is sure to make your Mom smile;
He’ll lie around all day basking in the sun
But when you want to play he really isn’t fun
Still he prob’ly won’t get loose and bite you on the fanny;
Put him to good use when you want to scare your Granny!

But there’s nothing like a dog, just like Scooby-Doo;
To go on an adventure, a “big explore” with you;
And when you come home stinky, smelling like a hog,
Just give your Mom a winky and blame it on your dog!
But if you can’t have a god there’s always a tarantula
If you live in an apartment, or even on a ranch-ula;
Tarantula’s are neat, they don’t make any noise,
They’re really good for scaring naughty girls and boys,
They don’t need a leash, they don’t need a collar,
Put one in your cousin’s bed and listen to him holler!

“Did you do it? Did you do it?
“Yes, I did. Be quiet!”
“Where’d ya put it? Where’d ya put it?”
”I put it on his pillow, now be quiet!”
“Oh this is gonna be so good, I wish I could take a picture.”
“Right about now it should be crawling right up his……”


There’s nothing like a dog, nothing like a dog, nothing like a dog!

Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 1997

On Saturday morning I wake up before everyone else
And I go downstairs, there’s nobody there so I make breakfast all by myself.
Everybody’s sleeping in, and that’s just fine
They can sleep until noon ‘cause I got my cartoons
Saturday morning is mine!

On Saturday, Saturday
I don’t have to go to school, I can stay home and play
On Saturday, Saturday
When I get to do things my way
Every day should be Saturday.

On Saturday morning I use my favorite cereal bowl
And I never spill when I pour the milk ‘cause I am a Cereal Pro!
Sometimes, in the living room, I like to make a tent
With a blanket and chairs, I take my puppy in there
And we play pretend.


Maybe later we’ll watch a movie,
Maybe I’ll have to do chores,
But Saturday morning I’m on my own and I am never bored!


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

I made my bed, I fed the cat; I cleaned my room, imagine that!
No matter what I do or say I still gotta go to the doctor today

I gotta getta shot (no! no! no!)
I gotta getta shot (no! no! no!)
Call it vaccination, immunization, inoculation;
I gotta getta shot (no! no! no!)

Now here we are, it’s almost time….Doc checked my heart and says it’s fine;
I’m healthy as a kid can be. Then why do they still want to do this to me?


Here comes the nurse, she says , “This won’t hurt” but I’ve been here before
So I bolt for the door;
Running down the hall like the wind a blowin’ when the Doc steps out and says,
“Hey, where ya going?”


I close my eyes, I squeeze my Mom; I feel a sting and then it’s gone;
Now I can get a cool band-aid, and everybody says I was really brave


When it’s your turn be brave like me; shots are a kid reality;
Just close your eyes and count to ten;
You’ll be fine, ‘til ya gotta go and get one again


Words& Music by Judy Pancoast ©2000

The sun was setting in the west, as I lay on my bed to rest;
And as I closed my eyes to sleep,
I prayed the Lord my soul would keep and

I dreamed of angels,
I dreamed of angels dancin’ in my room;
I dreamed of angels,
I dreamed of angels dancin’ in my room;

The stars were playing in the sky; the universal lullaby;
As Mamas rock their boys and girls
The sweetest sound heard ‘round the world and


I saw them dance, I heard them sing
Music that made the rafters ring;
Lifting me up so I could see what life on Earth could truly be;
There could be angels all around me

When morning came the world was sweet; I heard the sound of little feet;
I turned my head toward that sound
And saw my daughters dancin’ ‘round and


God gave me angels dancin’ in my room.

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