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"Weird Things are Everywhere" Lyrics

Reading Our Way Across the U.S.A.
Lyrics & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2007

We hit the road in Maine, Mama brought a book by Stephen King
As we motored through the night she read aloud about scary things
In New Hampshire we read a poem by Robert Frost
We took the road less traveled not taken but we didn’t get lost
We’re reading our way all across the USA

We made it down to Massachusetts; stopped to get a bite to eat
We had to make way for the ducklings on the Boston streets
We saw the sun come up over the Big Apple
Stopped in to see Eloise at the Plaza Hotel
Oh, we’re reading our way all across the USA

Reading our way across the USA
Reading our way across the USA
Every state has a story every region has a tale
And just like King Arthur who sought the Holy Grail
Were gonna read our way, all across the USA

Through the Midwest states we read the Little House books all day
You can visit Laura Ingalls Wilder’s homestead over Missouri way
When we hit the Wild West, Daddy told us tall tales
About Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill and Johnny Appleseed’s trails
Because we’re reading our way all across the USA


From Huckleberry Finn down along the Mississippi Oh
To Balto in Alaska everywhere you go
You can pick up a book and read along the way….
About the fascinating things across the USA


Lyrics & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2005

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and it was….

Yucky! Oh it was yucky!
I don’t think anyone has ever been so unlucky!
And it was icky and it was sticky…
Come on everybody say “bleah” (Kids shout “Bleah”)

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey, and it was….


Georgie Porgie puddin’ and pie; Kissed the girls and made them cry! Cause it was….


Nursery rhymes are just for kids, they’re supposed to be so nice
But some are just so yucky that you gotta say “bleah “ twice
(kids shout “bleah” “bleah”)
One more time! “BLEAH”

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
She had so many children she didn’t know what to do cause they were…


Superman Can
Lyrics & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2008

Batman can’t fly…Superman can
Batman can’t have x-ray eyes…Superman can
Batman can’t stop speedin’ trains…Superman can
Batman can’t kiss Lois Lane…Superman can
Ask anyone they’ll tell you that it‘s true,
Batman can’t do what Superman can do!

:Now you’re frozen in an iceberg floatin’ in the Arctic sea
Which superhero gonna come along and set you free?
Superman got heat vision, gonna make that iceberg melt
While Batman’s still fumbling, trying to get into his utility belt

Batman can’t have super speed…Superman can
Batman can’t stop a stampede….Superman can
Batman can’t travel through time…Superman can
Batman can’t fight super crime….Superman can
Ask anyone, they’ll tell you that it’s true
Batman can’t do what Superman can do….

Batman needs Robin; he can’t fight crime alone
Superman don’t need a bird to help him in the danger zone
There’s a good reason why the call the boy THE MAN OF STEEL
Superman’s the greatest superhero ever…let’s get real!!

Batman can’t…..
(kid interrupts)

Kid: Superman can’t do gymnastics…SPIDERMAN CAN
Superman can’t be fantastic…SPIDERMAN CAN
As for kissing Lois Lane SPIDERMAN doesn’t want to
Cause he can kiss Mary Jane..SPIDERMAN CAN
Ask a kid like me, then ask all the rest
Everyone will tell you SPIDERMAN’s THE BEST!!

I Can’t Go Surfin’
Lyrics & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2007

I saw them on ESPN
The guys n’ gals were hanging ten;
Catchin’ the waves and riding the curls
I wanna be like them

But I can’t go surfin Like they do in Malibu
I can’t wear show my awesome moves on the waves of Honolu-u-u-u-lu
I can’t go surfin There ain’t no beach where I can go
Cause I live in Idaho
So I can’t go surfin

So I ride the kitchen chairs; I smell the ocean’s salty air
‘Til my Mom walks in the room and says, “Get down from there!”


Oh Mama can’t you see, the surfin’ life’s alright with me
Fun in the sun all day; take me to the sea!


Once Upon a Time
Music & Lyrics by Judy Pancoast © 2007

Once upon a time there was a princess
Who didn’t want to live the princess life.
She said, “I’d rather start my own business
Then sit around and wait to be some prince’s wife.
Her father said she couldn’t go to college…
He said that wasn’t any place for a girl!
So she decided she would have to get her knowledge
By reading her way around the world! She read….

…books about continents, books about the seas;
She read adventure books, scary books and mysteries;
She read books about nature, like bugs and sharks;
She read the stories of the Bible like Noah’s ark;
She read biographies of famous folks
And she memorized a couple hundred books of jokes;
She fed her mind and her imagination!
She became a fountain of cool information!
(second chorus: And when you’ve fed your mind and your imagination
You’ll become a fountain of cool information!)

She was sitting in the library one spring day
When in walked a handsome prince of great renown;
He strolled up to her and said, “Hey Babay…”
You want to come with me, and paint the town?
She asked him if he’d ever read a good book
Or if he’d ever seen an encyclopedia;
But all the Prince could give her was confused look
And he opened his mouth and said, “No…uhhhhh”
She said read……


So every day, they sat together;
She read to him and he read to her.
Then one day their hearts started really beating..
I think it was a romance novel they were reading!

They fell in love and decided to marry..
Live happily ever after forever more.
They said their vows on the steps of the library,
Then opened up the very first Kingdom Book Store.
It had


Bum de Bo
Lyrics & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2007

When we were kids we loved to explore
The trail to the woods at our back door;
We’d walk down that trail swinging our pails
Looking for blueberries for pie;
One sunny day as we walked along
We heard a deep voice, it was singing a song!
Loud and clear that song filled our ears…
It seemed to come out of the sky!

Bum-de Bo-oh…Bum-de bo-oh
Bum de bum de bum de bum de bo
Bum de bo oh..Bum de Bo-oh
Bum de bum de bum de boooo

We stopped in our tracks and looked up high…
Dropped our blueberries, there went that pie!
A giant stood there, with long curly hair,
Smiling and saying “Hello!”
He was just as tall as a double decker bus
And there he was looking down at us;
He said, “Don’t run away, I just want to play
My name is Bum de Bo!”


We played all day, it was really grand…
He picked us up in his giant hand;
We touched the clouds above the crowds
Looking at Earth below;
We said that we would always be friends
But after that day we never saw him again!
We’ll never forget and we’ll never regret
The day that we met Bum de Bo!


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 1997

I was reading by my window late one night
When a bright light lit up the sky.
I heard a crash and a clatter, I said, “What is the matter?
It can’t be Santa Claus ‘cause it’s only July.
And then that same bright light lit up my room
And in walked a strange looking creature.
He held out his hand- at least I THINK it was a hand-
And he said, “Hi there! I’m sure glad to meet ya!”

And he said, “Take me to your reader, ‘cause I’m in search of a leader,
Somebody’s all that I need, oh who can teach me to read
And I would sure like to meet her, or him.”
Oh he said, “Take me to your reader, it could be Mary or Peter,
And I don’t care how he looks as long as she can read books!”
He said, “Take me to your reader, Oh yeah!”

Then he sat down on my sofa and made himself at home
And proceeded to explain.
He said, “My planet’s no fun; we’ve done it all and we’re done!
We need something new to educate and entertain.
Deep in outer space we’ve got satellite TV,
But we don’t have any books, not a one;
So we’ve been watching Reading Rainbow,
And Sesame Street with Elmo,
We want to learn to read ‘cause it looks like fun!


So I said, “Please Mr. Spaceman, I think I can help;
‘Cause I’ve got lots of books right here on my shelf
And I’ll read them to you all night long
If you’ll leave me here on Earth where I belong!”


Words and Music by Judy Pancoast © 2009

Weird things are everywhere…
From there to here, and here to there;
The kind of things that make you wanna stop and stare
Weird things! Weird things are everywhere!

Up in South Dakota there’s a palace made of corn;
A giant Paul Bunyan in the state where I was born;
I have seen a Georgia peanut with a Presidential smile
And California town that smells like garlic for miles!


Thousands of bats in a New Mexico cave;
You can sit by the entrance, if you are very brave;
When the sun goes down and those bats come flying out
It’s something you’ll tell all your friends about!


Bigfoot and the Jackalope;
A winged pig made out of soap;
The Lou’siana Bassigator;
Arizona Meteor crater;
Dinosaur land;
Miles of white sand;
It’s roadside America just waiting to be found…
Why are you still sitting around?


Lyrics & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2008

Home from work, feeling beat, Want to soak my tired feet
Open the door, see a mess; Say to my kids, “What is this? They say

The dog did it, the dog did it
Looks so innocent all the time, doggie leads a life of crime!
The dog did it, the dog did it
Let that little doggie take the blame.

Put my pizza by the sink, turn to pour myself a drink
When that pizza disappears they point to the one with floppy ears and say,


Oh, if she could speak in her defense
Oh, you know she’d say “I’m innocent”
Oh, cause when you put the blame on me
Mama, you know you’re barking up the wrong tree

Last night, walking down the hall...crayon writing on the wall
Say to myself, “That’s not right! When’d that doggie learn to write?”


In my bedroom just today all my clothes in disarray
Favorite pair of shoes is gone, seems that doggie tried them on


A Little Bit of Elvis
Lyrics and music by Judy Pancoast ©2003

He didn’t wear a crown and he didn’t have a throne;
He didn’t have a mansion or a kingdom of his own.
He was just a poor boy with a little bit of soul
He grew up to be the king of rock and roll and

There’s a little bit of Elvis in you and me;
A little bit of Elvis, the man from Tennessee.
That’s today’s lesson in music history…
There’s a little bit of Elvis in you and me!

Ask the old man walking down the street;
Ask anybody anywhere..everyone you meet.
Ask them who’s the king of rock and roll,
They’ll say ‘It’s Elvis, little one…everybody knows that


I know you love to dance and shake your groove
But did ya know about the guy who invented that move?
Just a boy and his guitar, taking care of biz,
But every time you shake it you shake it like him…cause there’s a


You can go to Switzerland, you can go to Peru
You can go to Indonesia or to Timbuktu…
The butcher, the baker, the girl from the block,
They all know how to do the Jailhouse Rock cause there’s a


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
‘Cause it seems like we’ve been driving all day long
And I got nothing else to do so I’m just gonna sing my song,
I’m just gonna sing my song.

Going on vacation, buckled in the back seat;
Got great expectations, this is gonna be neat.
Got my books and crayons, got my favorite tapes.
I am so excited I just can’t wait


Tired of drawing pictures, bugged my baby brother
,,,,my older sister, got yelled at by my mother.
Papa says the traffic’s backed up to Timbuktu,
Well, Papa, you should have stayed on Timbuk-ONE!


We’ve been planning this vacation since the end of December
But I feel like I’ve been in this car since September;
I look out the window, see the other cars pass
So I say, “C’mon Daddy, give it some gas.”
But Daddy’s not saying that much you know
He gave up talking ten miles ago.
I gotta use the bathroom, I’m in a bad mood,
Can’t we please stop and get some food?
If I’d known I’d go crazy while taking this trip
I’d have begged to take a plane or a rocket ship!


Lyrics & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2008

These are the trees that grow here, where I live, where I live
This is the wind that blows here, where I live, where I live
This is the way the sunset shines,
This is the home I know is mine
Where I live, where I live

These are the roads we walk on where I live, where I live
This is the sound of birdsong where I live, where I live
This is the way the flowers smell
These are the stories people tell
Where I live, where I live

I have roamed far and wide, taken roads in life and stories
And I’ve loved other places, their treasures and their glories
But I’m a like puzzle piece, and I’m like a flock of geese
Something’s always pulling me back home

These are the things that grew me then, where I live, where I live
These are the folks that knew me when, where I live where I live
This is the place my heart knows
This is the place my spirit grows
Where I live, where I live, where I live……..


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