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Letter of Recommendation

“Judy’s strong literacy base provides an important link for children...”

MSAD #11 Music Department
Elementary Music Specialist
Gardiner, ME 04345
(207) 582-5939 • (207) 458-0552

August 18, 2008

Judy Pancoast brings so much enthusiasm into her workshops and concerts! Judy provided a week-long songwriting workshop at the Helen Thompson school in West Gardiner and a concert at the Pittston School in Pittston. The students loved her! Her strength lies in her ability to encourage the best work and ideas from children without influence of the adults in the room. The music that she facilitates the children writing comes entirely from them. It enables the children to feel accomplished and provides a true sense of ownership in each student.

Judy’s strong literacy base provides an important link for children. Her support of reading through songs such as “Take Me To Your Reader” and “Read A Book to Me” help children find value in reading. One of my younger students told me that she wanted to read every book that she heard about in “Read A Book To Me.” The titles became common language for the students once they performed Judy’s song in a concert.

In a world of pop songs that glorify all that is glamour and fluff, Judy’s songs are truly a breath of fresh air. Whether children are dealing with the “Lost Library Book Blues,” learning about “Sharks,” or “Going to Memere’s House” Judy’s music helps them to relate to the world around them.

Cross-curricular lesson plans are easy to develop using her music. “Reading Across the USA” provides places and books common to various geographical locations. “Swimming In Jello” provides a wonderful physical education link. And the list goes on and on.

When asked why your school or organization should hire Judy for a day, a week or a month there is only one word that comes to mind: Fun. Judy makes songwriting and performing fun and she sneaks the educational in at every turn. Conflict resolution, collaboration, musical form, reading, responsibility, and creativity abound in her music and in her. Do your students and yourself a favor and spend some time with Judy Pancoast. Your collective lives will be much enriched and you won’t be able to get her songs out of your head!

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