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CD Endorsed by the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media

Children’s Recording Artist and family entertainer Judy Pancoast is proud to announce that her CD has received an endorsement from the KIDS FIRST!® program of the National Coalition for Quality Children’s Television.

KIDS FIRST!® evaluates, rates, and endorses children's feature films, videotapes, DVDs, audio recordings, software, and television using a volunteer, community-based jury comprising child development professionals, teachers, librarians, and parents as well as children of diverse geographic, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. More than 4000 titles have been evaluated to date. Reviews of endorsed titles are published on the KIDS FIRST! web site, in it’s book, A Parent's Guide to the Best Children's Videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMs, and in reviews provided to publications such as Good Housekeeping, Mothering, and Parenting Magazines. To be considered for KIDS FIRST!® recommendation, a recording must first meet baseline criteria. In that, it contains:

NO gratuitous violence or sexuality;
NO physical or verbal abuse;
NO bias in terms of race, gender, culture or religion;
NO condescension toward children and
NO unsafe behaviors.

Every title is evaluated in terms of its appeal, content, production quality and developmental benefits. To be endorsed, it must be approved by both adult and children jurors.

“I’m delighted to receive this high commendation of my work,” says Pancoast. “I’m a true believer in creating age-appropriate music that doesn’t condescend to kids.” Judy's Album features 14 of Pancoast’s most popular and requested songs, including the title cut, “Read a Book to Me”, “Take Me To Your Reader,” and “Swimming in Jello,” which won the 1998 Best Song for Young Children Award from the International Children’s Music Web.


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