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Customized Song - The House on Christmas Street

By Popular Demand!

Your Own CUSTOMIZED version of the Christmas decorating mega-hit, "The House on Christmas Street."

Christmas decorating enthusiasts all over the world have adopted Judy's song, "The House on Christmas Street" as their anthem and used it in their animated home lighting displays.

Now, by popular demand, you can purchase your own customized version of the song, sung by Judy, with lyrics to match your particular display.

Have 300,000 lights, not 47,000 as the lyrics specify? No problem...we can change that for you. Have a giant star up on the roof instead of Santa Claus? You got it! The lyrics will describe your house, your display, with your family name, street name, display name and can even feature a verse written by you!

This service is available in three packages as described below. Pick the one that fits your budget and we'll begin working on it.

Once your order is received we'll contact you to get your specific information. Due to the amount of work involved in creating your special recording, please expect to wait six to eight weeks for your mp3 to arrive. In the meantime, we'll send you an mp3 of the original song so that you can begin programming your sequence.

Your customized "House on Christmas Street" will sound every bit as professional as the original version and your visitors will be amazed. Your house will be the talk of the town with your very own theme song!

Because of the requests for this product we anticipate high demand. Order NOW to ensure production of your song is not delayed! In the meantime, check out the lyrics and begin thinking about your customized version of "The House on Christmas Street!"


Available Packages


  • The lyric "Christmas street" is replaced by your street name in only the last chorus (ex: "It's the house on Pleasant Street!")
  • Your family name is included in the second verse (ex: "The Jones' put up their display...you can see it from Albuquerque!")
  • Spoken Intro: "Good evening everybody, and welcome to the (name of your display)...otherwise known as "the house on Christmas Street"
  • Spoken Tag: This is Judy Pancoast, and on behalf of the (name) Family, thanks for visiting (name of display) tonight. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sample done for the Lazdin Family (6th Avenue):

Good Evening Greeting (Lights on Sixth)

Lazdin's House on Christmas Street (Sixth Avenue)

Merry Christmas by Judy on behalf of the Lazdin's

PRICE: $99.99

Deluxe - Includes all of the above plus:

  • A re-write of the chorus with the elements of the display as YOU specify (for example "Santa Claus up on the roof" may be changed to "A shining star up on the roof" and we can change the number of lights. Just tell us what's in your display and we'll make it happen)

PRICE: $199.99

Premium - Includes all of the above plus:

  • Judy will work with you to write a completely customized second verse which she will then record especially for your song. In other words, just about the entire song is re-written just for you!
  • Also includes one free update within five years of purchase!

Sample done for the Hohensee Family:

Good Evening Greeting (Hohensee Family Lights)

Hohensee's House on Christmas Street (Sullivan Road)

Merry Christmas by Judy on behalf of the Hohensee's

PRICE: $299.99

Order Your Package

Each package comes with a certificate stating that you have the right to use the song at your discretion- in your display, in videos, website, etc., in any non-commercial (meaning you are not making money from it) way in perpetuity.

BONUS: If you raise donations for charity, Judy will record two free announcements for your show promoting your charity – free with any package!

Select Desired Package and Press "Add to Cart"


NEW! - Five Customized Voiceovers

Not yet ready for a complete customized song but would like Judy to do some voiceovers to add a little pizazz to your display? Now Judy offers a package just for you: Five customized voiceovers to be used with "The House on Christmas Street" sequence in your display. You'll get:

  • Song intro: Merry Christmas everybody! We're so glad you could visit (name of your display) tonight. I'm Judy Pancoast, and this is my song, "The House on Christmas Street!"
  • Song Tag: This is Judy Pancoast, and that was my song, "The House on Christmas Street." On behalf of the (name) Family, thanks for visiting (name of display) tonight. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • For anywhere in your program: Hi! This is Judy Pancoast. You'll be hearing my song, "The House on Christmas Street" in a little while. In the meantime, we hope you're enjoying the holiday spirit here at (name of your display)
  • This is Judy Pancoast, the composer and singer of "The House on Christmas Street." Whenever I'm in (your town) I always stop by to listen to the lights at (name of your display!)
  • PLUS: one more that YOU write!

All for one low price of just $20

Order yours today!



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