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Grammy Nominee for Best Children's Album

"If you’re looking for a great show for youngsters with a lot of heart, Judy Pancoast is outstanding. I highly recommend Judy as she has the amazing ability to draw in a crowd. I love her professional approach and would encourage you to hire her as we have hired her for 15+ years to play for the Town of Bedford Parks & Recreation Department.”

Jane O’Brien, Manager
Photo by - Josh Reynolds for the Boston Globe

Grammy Nominee for Best Children's Album

Creator of the new holiday classic "The House on Christmas Street" used in animated lighting displays all over the world.

The international holiday hit "The House on Christmas Street" has a delightful new logo and you can now purchase gifts for all your Christmas loving friends (and yourself!) See our café press store here!"
Photo by - David Brancaccio

An Intimate Cabaret Performance

A Carpenters fan since 1970, Judy presents their timeless songs and her personal recollections of their impact on her life to make for a concert presentation that is not an impersonation or an impression, but a tribute in the truest sense of the word.

"Judy Pancoast's velvety voice, phrasing and conversational delivery of a song are all products of years spent listening to the timeless recordings of the Carpenters. Her passion and joy for the material make Judy the perfect vocalist to pay tribute."

Randy Schmidt, author of Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter

The House on Christmas Street!

We're excited to announce the publication of Judy's full-length fiction novel based on her song, "The House on Christmas Street!" Judy tells the story of a Christmas decorating enthusiast who moves from Florida to Maine and is eager to set up his outdoor display and see it in the snow. Unfortunately, the home he and his family have purchased is directly across the street from a woman who would like nothing better than to see it shut down completely. Read more about the story, the book's inspiration, and how you may order your own autographed copy (and copies for your family and friends) here!

Songs for Teaching

Judy' s creative, clever and acclaimed original children's songs are now available at Songs for Teaching, the website educators turn to for quality music to enhance learning. Here you can find thousands of songs on a variety of topics, songs for holidays, special occasions, and more! Judy is proud to be a part of this vital resource. And it's not just for teachers...anyone can shop there! Check out Judy's music here.

Heroes in Blue

We just discovered that Judy's latest Christmas song, "Heroes in Blue," was featured on 102.5 WFLA in Orlando, Florida this past Christmas season. Many thanks to Bud Hedinger and Deborah Roberts! Listen Here.

Judy's Latest Video

Judy's got a brand new song out, and it's sure to make your kids laugh....in fact, it's called "Seven Words that Make Kids Laugh!" and you can find it right here.

Be sure to leave a comment on YouTube and let us know how you like it!

Watch this space for information on how you can help Judy create her newest children's album!

A Beautiful Thing

Dear Friends,

I stand for all children, no matter what their ethnic heritage, socioeconomic background or sexual orientation. It pains me to think of the millions of children who are the victim of bullying just because they don't fit "the mold" of the average "normal" person. I believe that early education about differences will go a long way toward eradicating the ignorance and fear that lead to hatred, bullying and exclusion. It's time that gay pre-teens and teens are able to live a life free of pain and fear.

Toward that goal, I have written, recorded and released a new song entitled "A Beautiful Thing." The song tells the story of how I explained to my young daughter back in 1992 that sometimes girls fall in love with girls and boys fall in love with boys. The song was arranged and mixed by Grammy® winning producer Ricky Kej and Vanil Veigas in India, and the video was directed by Nicole Girard of Rowley, MA. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch it and, if you are of like mind, please share it.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this important topic. You will find the video here.

Sincerely, Judy

Better Things to Do

Better Things to Do - Perfect for Red Ribbon Week

Judy's song "Better Things to Do" was written with the students at an elementary school in Maine with help from a grant for projects designed to combat substance abuse. It's perfect for Red Ribbon Week celebrations. Share the video with your students here!

Better Things to Do

Judy's Most Acclaimed CD!

Judy's CD "Weird Things are Everywhere!" has received a GRAMMY® nomination in the category "Best Musical Album for Children." Judy is thrilled to be among the nominees for music's most prestigious award! Grammy® for Best Children's Musical Album

"Weird Things" also received a coveted STAR review (the highest honor) in the August issue of School Library Journal.

And Rave Reviews from Examiner.com and BostonChildrensMusic.com

It's one of Boston Children's Music.com's Top Ten CDs of 2010

Get your copy today!

Check out Judy's Video "Take Me To Your Reader" Click Here

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